Keeping your spirits up in the hospital can be hard. We offer programs and services to help make it easier.

Therapy programs

These programs are provided as a service to patients and families at no charge.

  • Music Therapy - this program lets you express yourself through music and musical activities.
  • Pet Therapy - dogs can bring comfort and joy to you and your family or guests. Pet therapy can help you relax and feel more at home while you’re in our care.

How we can help your loved ones

  • Care coordinators - the care coordinator helps to smooth the process from admission to discharge. They’ll work to ensure your needs are met. They may work with social workers to arrange for services you’ll need after you go home.
  • Chaplain services - Chaplains are available 24 hours a day for emotional and spiritual support. All faiths and non faith traditions are respected. Find out more.
  • Pet therapy - certified pet therapy dogs come in every week to visit patients and families. These trained dogs bring smiles and laughs to everyone they say hello to. Learn about our pet therapy dogs.
  • Social workers - our social workers can help your family understand and adjust to the hospital setting. They can offer counseling for emotional, financial and social issues and answer insurance questions. They can also let your loved ones know what to expect after you go home and how to help you heal.
  • Support groups/classes - we offer support groups and classes for you as well as your family. See available groups and classes.
  • Volunteers - our volunteers are committed to serving you, your family and Hershey Medical Center. Find out more about our volunteers.
  • Wi-Fi - you and your family are welcome to access our Wi-Fi service while staying at the hospital. Bring your laptop, tablet or phone.