Patient Stories

This is who we dedicate our lives to, giving them the health they need to live the way they want.

Young child on a football field wearing a dark blue jersey.

How Kennedy took on cancer and won

How Four Diamonds partnered to help Kennedy Wilson beat cancer.

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A young boy smiles while standing behind a backyard water slide. In the background, a box of toys and a children’s basketball hoop sit on the porch in front of a home. The door and windows are visible.

How Noah faces cancer care with family support

When your son has cancer: Support helps family stay positive

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Man and woman smile at camera as they lean in to each other while seated underneath a tree.

Focus on Fertility: When cancer throws a curveball

When Renee was diagnosed with breast cancer, the first question she asked her oncologist was whether she’d still be able to have a baby.

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Outdoors, a rustic table is topped with a jar of medical needles, several small, potted cacti, a photo of a sonogram, and a baby onesie that shows drawings of cacti and the words worth every prick.

Focus on Fertility: Building a family through IVF

Aubrey and her wife wanted a family. Though IVF and donor sperm, they have a son and are now expecting their second child.

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A woman and man sit with a toddler boy between them, held by the man.

Focus on Fertility: When both partners need assistance

When testing showed that both Kayla and her husband had conditions that were preventing pregnancy, they each sought treatment.

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Two infants and a young child sitting on a bench outside.

Focus on Fertility: Faith, science and fulfilled wishes

When Hannah had difficulties conceiving her second child, she found a treatment plan that aligned with her beliefs.

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Two small children sit on the ground at Walt Disney World. The boy on the left has his arm around the girl on the right. People can be seen walking and pushing strollers in the background.

Mom credits Penn State Health Level IV NICU with lifesaving care

Learn how one mother’s high-risk pregnancy led her to Penn State Health Children’s Hospital

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In a commercial garage, a man stands in front of a car with his hand on the open window. In the background on the left, a car sits atop a riser. Behind it is an office with a desk and chair. On the right, several vehicles surround a gated enclosure filled with tires.

Leading-edge treatment delivers long-term patient survival

Learn how Gary Young’s research into robotic-assisted surgery led him to Penn State Health and Dr. Jay Raman.

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Gentleman smiling outdoors near a lake.

Prostate cancer survivor: Treatment team exceeded expectations

Learn how Larry Delaney’s search for the right surgeon led him to Penn State Health and Dr. Jay Raman.

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A young woman laughs while arranging items on the top of her dresser. She is wearing glasses and a name badge lanyard around her neck. A man stands behind her, watching and smiling.

Surviving cancer: Pursuing a new purpose

Because Angeles was so young when she got cancer, it sometimes felt like a dream. Only later when she accepted that it happened did she start to process her feelings.

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A young man stands at the front of a line, holding a microphone in one hand and a golf club in the other. Several people, who also are holding golf clubs, are lined up along the fence behind him.

Surviving cancer: Finding hope and passing it on

Max realized early on that surviving cancer would change the course of his life. Then he turned it on its head and stripped it of its power.

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A young registered nurse women taking care of a baby in the NICU

Surviving cancer: Always rise above

How the support of her care team encouraged Corene to focus on her future.

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a 15 year old girl, is embraced in a side hug by a registered nurse. Aaliyah has short hair, is wearing a blue sweatshirt and has a mask on her face. The nurse is wearing colorful scrubs and has a mask and glasses on her face. On the left side of the photo, Aaliyah’s mom looks on with only the back of her head and long auburn hair visible

Surviving cancer: Taking control, one strand of hair at a time

How her journey influenced Aaliyah’s life views, wise beyond her years.

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Mother smiles as son sits on shoulders and laughs while holding mother’s hands in a wooded setting.

This is Kianna’s triumph

Many women worry about caring for their babies once they’re born. Kianna Watkins was most concerned about carrying her babies to full term so they’d have the best start in life.

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Gabriella dancing on stage

This is living life in focus

Gabriella Asadi uses every part of her 8-year-old self to express her creativity – her hands are meant for drawing, her arms are meant for hugging, and her feet are meant for dancing.

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Krista sits in her living room with her children around her

This is Krista’s happily ever after

Krista Carroll always wanted to be a mom. A place deep inside of her longed to be filled with what she had lost so early in life – her mother.

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