When someone you love is in the hospital, you need a place to stay where you can relax. We can help you find one.

Where to stay at or near the hospital

Families have several options for staying overnight at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center or near the hospital. Some are free, while others may offer special rates.

Free Accommodations

At the hospital

Accommodations vary by unit. Some rooms have space for family members at the bedside. In units that offer places to sleep, you can get clean sheets, pillows and blankets from nursing staff.

Near the hospital

The Parsonages - Love INC of Greater Hershey operates two homes for patients’ families who live at least one hour away. Accommodations are free, and rooms are filled as available. You will need a referral to arrange for a stay at a Parsonage house. Please see your social worker or care coordinator for a referral. Visit the Love INC website to learn more about the Parsonages.

Other lodging options

Many other lodging options are located near the hospital, from budget motels to bed and breakfasts. Some offer discounted rates for patients’ families, so make sure to ask.

Hotels are frequently full during the summer and holiday months. You may need to look for options outside of Hershey during these times. Patient Experience can provide a list of lodging up to 10 miles away.

Find nearby lodging options