Penn State Health is committed to providing excellent health care. This commitment forms the basis of our Mission, Vision and Values. In order to ensure that we can continue to provide this high standard of care, we must act with integrity and adhere to all laws, rules and regulations. We have developed a Corporate Compliance Program and appointed a chief compliance officer to help us stay true to these obligations. 

Our Code of Conduct proudly and publicly proclaims our commitment to our Mission, Vision and Values, as well as to our Corporate Compliance Program. This Code of Conduct describes important responsibilities for each of us and should serve as a resource when you have questions or need further assistance. We all must hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical behavior at all times, and we are all responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Thank you for taking the time to read, understand and abide by this Code of Conduct.


Steve Massini
Chief Executive Officer