Specialties at this Location

  • Hospitalist, Internal Medicine
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Geriatric Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Nurse Anesthetist
  • Hospitalist, Family Medicine
  • Sleep Medicine
  • Family Medicine

Important Phone Numbers

Main hospital: 717-763-2100

Admissions/Patient Registration: 717-763-2757

Behavioral Health: 717-763-2228

Billing/Financial Counseling: 717-763-2885 or 800-254-2619

Care Management: 717-972-4936

Emergency Department: 717-972-4301

Gift Shop: 717-763-2188

Maternal Assistance Program (MAP): 717-763-3008 or text 717-615-7679

Medical Records: 717-763-2660

Pastoral Care: 717-763-2100

Patient Experience Team: 717-763-3082

Patient Information: 717-763-2190

Security: 717-972-4800

Volunteers: 717-763-2657

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Parking Information

  • Free parking is provided at Holy Spirit Medical Center. We offer a courtesy van to transport you to the main entrance Monday through Friday. You can also pull up to the front entrance and enjoy free valet parking from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • For cardiac services and MRI services, please park outside the Ortenzio Heart Center on the lower level.
  • Parking at other Holy Spirit locations: All of our outpatient locations, including our physician offices and imaging centers, provide convenient parking.

Bus Stops

Capital Area Transit (CAT) operates two routes that stop at Holy Spirit on weekdays and Saturdays.

  • For complete bus schedule information, call 717-238-8304 or visit cattransit.com

Cumberland County Transportation (provided via RabbitTransit)

Perry County Transportation Authority

CAT’s Paratransit/Share-A-Ride-Dauphin County

Services & Treatments Offered


Emergency Department

If you're having an emergency, please dial 911.

The emergency department (ED) at Penn State Health Holy Spirit Medical Center serves the community as a Level 2 trauma center. We specialize in the assessment and treatment of patients with trauma, stroke, heart and vascular, and neurosurgery issues. We also have specially trained forensic registered nurses, called Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners, who provide victims of sexual assault with comprehensive, compassionate care.

The ED works with a network of physicians and advanced practice providers (physician assistants and nurse practitioners) to ensure access to high-quality care in your community.

No matter what time of day or night, our emergency department is here when you need us.

Important things to know

What happens when I arrive?

You will be greeted by our registration staff and asked to provide basic information about your injury or illness. A registered nurse will evaluate your symptoms and check your vital signs, medical history and current medications. You may be seen by a provider in an area called triage. This will aid in beginning your workup as quickly as possible.

The triage process allows for identification of the more seriously ill or injured patients. These patients may be seen first, even if they arrive after other patients. We know that waiting can be frustrating, especially when you’re in pain or not feeling well, but we will care for you as soon as we can. If you or your loved one gets worse at any time while you are waiting, please immediately notify someone at the front desk.

What’s next?

You will either be taken to a patient care area or asked to be seated in the waiting area. Our ED staff may begin tests, including labs and imaging studies, if needed. It is our goal to reevaluate your condition every two hours, but if you feel your condition has changed, let one of our staff members know immediately. Please do not eat or drink anything until first checking with one of our registered nurses.

What happens in the patient care area?

You will be examined by a physician and/or provider who specializes in emergency medicine. Based on your condition, you will receive additional tests and treatments. It may take two hours or more to get your test results. A registered nurse will keep you informed about what is happening with your treatment.

You may be asked the same questions by multiple members of our care team, so we have the most accurate information. This is done to verify your identity and provide you with safe, high-quality care.

How long does it take for specialist consultations, lab and imaging results?

If a specialty consultation with a physician who specializes in your illness or injury is required, it may take up to several hours. During this waiting period you will remain under the care of the ED physician and staff. The timing for your lab and imaging results may vary depending on the amount and complexity of the studies, as well as the hospital’s patient volume.

Can I have visitors?

To get the latest information on visitation, please go to Penn State Health is managing COVID-19.

What happens after I am treated?

If your illness or injury requires admission to Holy Spirit Medical Center, the ED staff will make these arrangements, and a staff member will transport you to an available bed. If your condition requires treatment that is not available at Holy Spirit Medical Center, the ED staff will facilitate a transfer to an appropriate health care facility.

What happens when I am discharged?

Patients who are discharged will be given complete after-care instructions and prescriptions, as needed.

Patient Portal

MyChart is a secure website where you can schedule appointments, email your health care provider, check test results, refill prescriptions and pay your bill. To log in or sign up for an account, go to MyChart patient portal.


For questions about your copay or the billing process, our registration team can assist you.

We value your feedback

Our goal is to provide each patient with the highest-quality emergency medical care. If you have any questions or concerns about the care you received in the ED, please contact the Patient Experience team at 717-763-2298, weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.