Visit a Patient

Visiting hours, policies and information

Before you visit, learn where to go and see our policies that help ensure your health and safety as well as our patients.

Find a patient

Call our hospital operator at 717-981-9000 to get the patient’s room number and direct phone number.

Security assistance

Call our security department at 717-981-1412.

Facility Amenities and Services

From free Wi-Fi to a cafe and gift shop, Hampden Medical Center offers a variety of amenities to make your experience as pleasant and easy as possible.


The café is conveniently located off the main lobby with seating indoors and out. There are a variety of food options, including pizza and grab-and-go items.


In-room phones

For your convenience, there is no charge for local calls or calls to other extensions within the medical center. To make a local call, dial “9” first, followed by the telephone number.

Cell phones

Cell phones may interfere with clinical patient monitoring equipment. For that reason, some patient rooms and other care areas may not allow you to use them. Signs will indicate if cell phone use is not allowed.

Phone charging stations

Cell phone charging stations are located in the lobby near the West Elevator, on the second floor near the Women and Babies Center and in the Medical-Surgical waiting room on the third floor.

Internet access

All patient rooms and select visitor areas in the medical center have free wireless internet access. No sign-in is required.

Waiting areas

Our waiting areas have furniture and amenities to make each stay comfortable for families and visitors. If a volunteer is staffing the waiting area, visitors are asked to check in upon arrival.

Gift shop

The Gift Shop is located on the first floor of the medical center. Flowers, candy, magazine, books, jewelry, decorative items, toys and greeting cards are available, as well as various toiletries and comfort items, such as socks and clothing.

Flowers, plants and balloons are not allowed in some patient care areas. Please check with the patient’s nurse before ordering these items. Because some patients have allergies, please request delivery of Mylar balloons instead of latex. Where permitted, these items are delivered to patient rooms Monday through Saturday.

To purchase a gift and arrange delivery to a patient’s room, call the Gift Shop at 717-981-8102.

Directions and Parking

General patient and visitor parking is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the main parking lot of the hospital.

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