Visit a Patient

Visiting hours

Every day from 8 a.m.-8 p.m.

Find a patient

Call our hospital operator at 223-287-9000 to get the patient’s room number and direct phone number.

Security assistance

Call our security department at 223-287-8711.

Facility Amenities and Services

From free Wi-Fi to a cafe and gift shop, Lancaster Medical Center offers a variety of amenities to make your experience as pleasant and easy as possible.


Our cafeteria is located on the first floor to the left of the main lobby. Food options include oven-fired pizza, grab-and-go items, daily specials and more. Visitor trays can also be ordered from the patient’s


In-room phones

No fees are charged for calls made from your phone. Dial 9, the area code and the phone number.

Cell phones

Cell phones may interfere with clinical equipment used to monitor patients. For that reason, some patient rooms and other care areas may restrict the use of cell phones. Signs will indicate if they are not allowed.

Phone charging stations

Cell phone charging stations are located at all entrance lobbies (Main entrance, Emergency Department entrance and Outpatient Services building entrance) as well as the waiting rooms on each floor of the hospital.

Internet access

All patient and visitor areas throughout the Medical Center have free wireless internet access. No sign-in is required. We encourage you to be cautious when disclosing personally identifiable or sensitive information while on any shared, public network, including ours. If you have questions, ask one of our hospital staff for instructions on using our network to connect to the internet.

Waiting areas

Our waiting areas are designed to make each stay comfortable for families and visitors. If a greeter is staffing the waiting area, visitors are asked to check in upon arrival.

Notary Public

The hospital offers notary public services. Please let your nurse or other hospital staff know of your needs.

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Services department at Lancaster Medical Center provides spiritual and emotional support to patients and their families upon request. Patients may also invite their own spiritual leaders to provide for their spiritual and emotional needs. To contact the chaplain on call, dial 223-287-8206 to be connected directly or 0 for the switchboard operator. Chaplains are available Monday through Friday.

Special Communication Needs

Free interpretation services in more than 150 languages and dialects, as well as in American Sign Language, are always available for patients and their families. Interpretation options include video chat and telephone service. On-site language interpreters can be arranged in advance. Notify any staff member if you would like an interpreter. Children under the age of 18 shall never be used as interpreters.

Directions and Parking

Lancaster Medical Center is located at 2160 State Road in East Hempfield Township, just off state Route 283 at the intersection of State Road and Harrisburg Pike. General patient and visitor parking are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in the main parking lot of the hospital. Covered parking is available in the parking garage. Specialty parking is available for electric cars, bicycles, and horses and buggies as well.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Things You Should Know

If you drive your electric vehicle (EV) to Lancaster Medical Center, you can charge up with us. Charging stations are available at the following locations:

  • Garage: 8 charging stations
  • Visitors Lot: 4 charging stations
  • Emergency Department Lot: 4 charging stations

See the map for the locations.

Penn State Health Lancaster Medical Center electric vehicle charging station map

Please move your vehicle at your earliest convenience once it is finished charging so the charging station is available to others who need it. You may not use any other electrical outlet on campus to charge your vehicle.

How to Charge Your Vehicle

Penn State Health has partnered with ChargePoint to install these EV charging stations.

Start your charge three ways:

  1. Tap your phone on the station while signed in to the ChargePoint app.
  2. Tap your ChargePoint card on the station.
  3. Tap the orange “Start Charge” button on the station details page of the mobile app.

See instructions on how to charge your vehicle.

EV Charging Fee

  • First four hours are free, then charging fee is $2 per hour.
  • You can pay with tap-to-pay credit or debit cards or digital wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • You cannot pay on-site with cash or an older, non-contactless-style credit card.
  • ChargePoint requires a payment method to be entered during the app setup.

ChargePoint Customer Support: 888-758-4389

Safe Haven

If you're not ready to take care of a newborn and don't have anyone to ask for help, there's a place where you can take your baby to ensure his or her safety and health. Under the Safe Haven law, you may bring your newborn (up to 28 days old) to any Pennsylvania hospital, including Lancaster Medical Center, to a police officer at a police station, or an emergency services provider at an EMS station.

As long as the baby is unharmed and not a victim of any crime, you will not be in trouble. The baby will be examined by a doctor and provided any medical care needed. The local county children and youth agency will take custody of the baby and find him or her a loving family.

For additional information, call the Safe Haven Helpline at 1-866-921-SAFE (7233).