Penn State Health offers an easier way for you to connect to care

You can now access your scheduled virtual health care appointment right from your phone, tablet or computer by just clicking a link. You will receive the link from your provider via text or email within 24 hours of your appointment.

When you click the link to start your appointment, you will see a welcome page where you will enter your name and mobile number and be asked to read and acknowledge a Notice of Privacy Practices. After a pre-visit tech check, your virtual health care visit will begin. Our Virtual Health Care Patient User Guide provides helpful step-by-step instructions on how to join a virtual health care visit if you need more information. 

Convenient, trusted health care anywhere 

Virtual health care provides the trusted, expert care you expect from Penn State Health in the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are. The technology is user-friendly, secure and even offers the option to invite family members to participate in your appointment. The chat feature helps to ensure efficient information sharing during your visit.


  • Convenient ─ no need to drive to your doctor’s office or take time off work
  • Affordable ─ copay is the same as an office visit
  • Faster ─ get quicker access to appointments with no need to download an app
  • Comprehensive ─ your Penn State Health provider can add notes right in your health care record. Screen sharing allows your provider to show test results, images and treatment plans in real time (on desktop computers only)
  • Secure – the platform features a single interface across all access points with reliable, HIPAA-compliant video and audio connectivity.