Skin Growths

Warts are skin growths that cause raised, scaly bumps on your skin. Although the condition is not typically a serious health threat, warts can be ugly, embarrassing and painful, prompting many people to have them removed.

Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) and transmitted through touch.

Symptoms, Diagnosis and Outlook

There are several types of warts, including:

  • Common warts – flesh-colored bumps with a rough texture and may feature small, black dots from clotted blood vessels. They can occur individually or in groups and tend to grow on your fingers and hands.
  • Flat warts – small pink, brown or yellow bumps with flat tops. They may go unnoticed when they first begin to develop, most often on your face or hands.
  • Plantar warts – grow inward into your skin and may be covered with a thick callous. They grow on the soles of your feet.
  • Venereal or genital warts – small, flesh-colored bumps that may sometimes resemble cauliflower. They grow in your genital area and may lead to cervical cancer in women if left untreated.

Most warts can be identified with a physical examination, which may include scraping the growth’s top layer to check for small, dark dots that indicate clotted blood vessels. In some cases, a biopsy is needed to rule out or confirm cancer.

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