What is a quality and safety?

Our Quality and Safety Program promotes care that is free from harm, achieves the best possible clinical results, and is delivered promptly with compassion.

Through ongoing initiatives, we are working to ensure that patients receive outstanding care and are not hurt while in the hospital. Our program focuses on:

  • Valuing the patient, their family and the overall experience
  • Delivering the right care at the right time in the right place
  • Eliminating hospital-acquired infections and preventable harm
  • Promoting a culture of safety
  • Using data to drive improvements in systems and processes

Since formalizing our program in 2013, the Children’s Hospital has implemented a number of initiatives to improve quality and safety:

  • Our Safety Event Review team studies patient safety event reports to identify deviations in care and great catches where harm was avoided. Our team also helps discover areas for improvement to help prevent future harm, and shares lessons learned from these events.
  • Our Daily Operations Brief gets everyone on the same page every day to discuss safety, sharing risks and and successes so we can identify issues early and ensure real-time resolution of problems.
  • Our Unit-Based Accountable Care Teams meet regularly to discuss safety and quality concerns specific to their unit, working on improvements and implementation action items to drive change.

Have questions about our Quality and Safety Program?

Contact Kaela Appleman, Director, Nursing Quality and Safety.