The Penn State Health Approach to Movement Disorders

Movement disorders are a group of neurological (brain and nerve) conditions that affect your ability to control movements during a conscious state. They most frequently affect the arms, legs, face or neck but can also affect other parts of the body.

Specialized Movement Disorder Expertise at Penn State Health

Movement disorders can be difficult to diagnose, but at Penn State Health, we are committed to helping you find answers. Our team of neurologists at Penn State Neuroscience Institute will perform a comprehensive range of physical and neurological examinations to diagnose your condition. Once our team has made a diagnosis, we’ll work closely with you to create an effective treatment plan that fits your lifestyle.

Examples of uncontrollable movements include:

  • Loss of muscle tone (flaccidity)
  • Slow, twisting or continued movements (chorea, athetosis or dystonia)
  • Sudden jerking movements (myoclonus, ballismus)
  • Uncontrollable repetitive movements (asterixis or tremor)

Many movement disorders to not have a cure; however, our team is committed to improving your symptoms and relieving your pain. One treatment option is medication, which can help manage symptoms or help improve the underlying disease.

Commitment to Furthering Movement Disorder Research

Penn State Neuroscience Institute is committed to furthering research on all types of movement disorders ranging from diagnosis to treatment. Our team of research experts are working to understand the underlying causes of movement disorders to help develop new and more targeted treatments.

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The experts at Penn State Neuroscience Institute are committed to providing comprehensive, cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment options for patients with movement disorders. We are also committed to furthering research and clinical trials on specific movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease and related disorders. Learn more about available Penn State Health clinical trials at StudyFinder.

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