Advanced Treatment for Neurological Muscle Spasms and Tightness

Spasticity is a condition that causes the muscles to be tight. Uncontrollable spasms range from mild to very painful and possibly debilitating. The right treatment can improve these symptoms. The goal of spasticity management at Penn State Health is to lessen your spasms, increase your function and improve your quality of life.

Customized Spasticity Care

Because spasticity occurs with various conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, stroke or a brain or spinal cord injury, it impacts many people. This makes customized care an important part of successful spasticity management.

The rehabilitation experts at Penn State Health create individualized treatment plans for every patient, considering the pattern of spasticity, responses to other treatments and functional goals. Our specialists work with you to create goals and a specialized care plan, so you receive the treatment that’s best for you.

Our Spasticity Management Services

Our physiatry specialists are trained in several different spasticity management techniques, giving you the most options for complete and comprehensive care. Some of the techniques we use are:

  • Intrathecal pumps to deliver medications to your spine
  • Neuromuscular injections to specific muscles
  • Chemical nerve blocks to relax specific muscles
  • Needle electromyography and ultrasound to assess the condition of your muscles and verify safe injection techniques
  • Oral medications to reduce spasms
  • Physical and occupational therapy to stretch the muscles, relieve stiffness and improve mobility

Experts in Care

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Why Choose Penn State Health for Spasticity Management

A Team That Specializes in Spasticity Management

At Penn State Health, we take a team approach to spasticity care to ensure you receive the most effective treatment. Our team is led by multiple doctors, called physiatrists, who specialize in rehabilitation and are specifically trained in spasticity management.

Advanced Treatment Options

Our physiatrists are working to advance spasticity treatment by giving you access to the latest therapies available. This includes botulinum toxins (such as Botox®, Xeomin®, Dysport® or Myobloc) and phenol neuromuscular injections to relieve pain, muscle stiffness or involuntary movement. Our physicians also specialize in the placement and long-term management of intrathecal baclofen pumps, which deliver baclofen directly into the fluid around the spinal cord.

Support Groups

Support groups provide an opportunity to share your feelings and connect with other patients and caregivers who are experiencing similar struggles.

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