Every minute counts in the care of acutely ill and injured patients. Life Lion saves not only precious time, but also delivers specialized care and treatment. We pursue the highest standards of excellence and integrity in pre-hospital and inter-facility emergency and critical care transportation. Our specialty services include:

  • Air helicopter transport
  • Pediatric critical care ground transport
  • Therapeutic hypothermia (provided for post-cardiac arrest patients)
  • Landing zone safety training classes

We strive to excel as a national leader in emergency health care and transportation by creating a culture of respect, trust, transparency and collaboration with area hospitals as well as other emergency medical services in the region, thus creating peace of mind for our patients and their families in their time of crisis. 

We value:

  • Integrity. To have the commitment and courage to make the right choices no matter the cost and embrace accountability so as to encourage company-wide ownership and team responsibility in every aspect of organizational health.
  • Quality. To have the determination to pursue excellence and the highest standard of care in every aspect of our patient and staff interaction as well as through education, research, medical care and transportation of the sick and injured.
  • People. To strengthen our reputation with patients, health care providers and health care facilities one relationship at a time, by respecting, valuing and serving every person we encounter regardless of ethnicity, medical history or financial status.
  • Service. We are staffed by highly trained and qualified employees ready to serve 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the goal to exceed the expectations of our patients and health care facilities by providing attention to even the smallest of details.

How to request critical care transport

When your prehospital patient requires air medical transport, please contact Life Lion Communications at 800-225-4837 or through your county communications center.

Our communication specialist will need the following information when you call:

  • Location and description of the landing area
  • The landing zone officer's identifying name/number and radio frequency to be used
  • Number and approximate age of patients
  • Any entrapment or potential transportation delay
  • Brief medical condition of patient if available
  • If your department has designated landing zones that you often use, contact Life Lion Communications and we can keep them on file for faster response

Ride-along observational experience program

Life Lion is pleased to offer qualified local public safety personnel the opportunity to join us as an observer on the Life Lion helicopter or Critical Care ground ambulance. The observer will gain an overview of program operations, safety and patient care capabilities within the critical care transport environment.

The following steps must be completed prior to submitting the Ride-Along Observer Request form.

Print and complete the following forms. These forms and a valid photo ID must be presented on the day of your ride-along.

In addition to the forms listed above, public safety personnel will need to complete the Supervisor/Chief Verification Letter and have it signed by their supervisor or chief for presentation on the day of the ride-along.

Ride-Along Observer Request form

Public appearance request

The only new events that we can consider at this time are:

  • Landing zone safety presentations for regional fire departments.
  • Hangar tours
  • Ground critical care ambulance events
  • Please contact us directly for these types of events

Public Relations or Crew/Vehicle Appearance Request Form