Weakening of the Ankle Ligaments Caused by Repeated Sprains

Ankle instability is when the outside part of your ankle frequently turns in. This occurs because the ankle ligaments are weak or overstretched.

In most cases, weak or overstretched ankle ligaments are the result of repeated, unhealed ankle sprains (an injury that happens when the ankle joint is moved into an unnatural position, causing the ligaments to stretch too far or tear). Though ankle sprains and ankle instability are common in athletes, both can happen to anyone.

Symptoms, Diagnosis and Outlook

If your ankle often “gives way” when you’re walking or being active, it could be a sign of ankle instability. This is particularly true if the ankle also causes you frequent pain or always seems swollen.

A physical exam is needed to diagnose ankle instability. Your doctor will also need information about any previous ankle sprains or injuries. Your doctor may also do an X-ray or MRI scan to look at the ankle joint and ligaments.

Without proper healing, ankle sprains can lead to ankle instability. Strengthening the ankle with physical therapy and supporting it with a brace may improve ankle instability. If nonsurgical treatments are unsuccessful, you may need ligament reconstruction surgery.

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