Doctor wearing lab coat and stethoscope sits at desk and reviews computer screen while talking on cell phone.The Network of Under-represented Residents and Fellows (NURF) is a group of diverse residents and fellows representing all specialties. NURF’s goal is to promote cultural diversity in the residency programs through community involvement, mentorship with diverse faculty, professional networking and support for the recruitment of diverse medical students into the residency programs. 

NURF is sponsored by the Penn State College of Medicine Graduate Medical Education Office and the Penn State Health Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Community involvement and outreach

NURF recognizes the value of serving the local diverse community, including providing medical care at neighborhood clinics and events, participating in high school enrichment/outreach programs and providing proactive health guidance to members of the local community.     

Community events include:

  • Participation and attendance at community health fairs and exhibits
  • Sponsorship of community health forums for diverse communities
  • Partnership with community groups and advocates to promote health equity 


The College of Medicine encourages partnerships between colleagues and faculty and fosters a climate of growth. Through NURF’s mentorship program, residents can contribute to research partnerships and support aspiring physicians in the local community. 

Mentorship activities include:

  • Assisting diverse medical students with residency mock interviews and residency application workshops
  • Providing virtual shadowing opportunities for pre-medical and medical students
  • Advocating for research on health disparities


Penn State Health and the College of Medicine consist of a diverse community of physicians in a number of specialties in its hospitals and medical practices. NURF’s goal is to provide support to diverse residents from a social perspective as well as a personal and professional growth perspective. 

To carry out this goal, NURF hosts events such as:  

  • Financial planning lecture series
  • Welcome reception for new residents and fellows
  • Educational and social events with diverse physicians and faculty


NURF is committed to increasing the representation of individuals from diverse backgrounds within the medical profession, including networking with the College of Medicine’s partner schools: Lincoln University (Lincoln University, Pa.), Hampton University (Hampton, Va.), Jackson State University (Jackson, Miss.) and Xavier University (New Orleans). NURF also participates in recruitment efforts through the Student National Medical Association and the Latino Medical Student Association.