The Hummingbird Program cares for children with life-threatening illnesses. We address physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

The Hummingbird Program began in 2007, thanks to the generosity of Ed and Jeanne Arnold. Our team cares for children living with serious, life-limiting conditions.

Children with complex health problems face many challenges. Our palliative care helps to ease pain, manage symptoms, and improve quality of life for the children and families we serve. We also care for the professional caregivers who care for these special children.

Our Mission

The Hummingbird Program is committed to providing inpatient and outpatient services to improve quality of life by addressing physical, emotional, social, and spiritual care for children with life-limiting conditions and their families in accordance with their goals, wishes and beliefs.

Our Values

We believe:

  • Every child and family is unique. Care should respect and reflect your family’s needs, preferences, goals, values and beliefs.
  • Excellent care includes physical, emotional, social and spiritual care.
  • Success means improving quality of life and reaching your child’s care goals. We aim to help you reach the goals that matter to your child and your family.
  • Ongoing communication and teamwork of all caregivers are keys to excellent care.

Call the Hummingbird Program to learn more 717-531-3558.

The Story of The Hummingbird

The hummingbird is one of life’s tiny miracles, just like our patients.

A hummingbird’s heart beats faster than any other bird. Its wings fly in the shape of a figure eight, the symbol of infinity. Hummingbirds are magical, mystical, and make our world a more beautiful place.

In Native American traditions, the hummingbird represents a messenger between worlds. They keep the balance between nature and spirit. This creature opens the heart and teaches others to appreciate the magic of life. We learn the same lessons from the patients we care for.