Car Seat Safety

We can help you learn about installing car seats safely.

Before installing any car seat, please check your car seat and vehicle owner’s manuals.

Child safety seat inspection stations

Local data shows that about 80% of child restraints or car seats are not properly installed. A correctly installed child restraint can greatly reduce the risk of injury, or even death, in a car crash. The Penn State Health Children’s Hospital Pediatric Injury Prevention Program operates three permanent inspection stations, which offer appointments once a week on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons. 

To make an appointment, please call 717-531-SAFE (7233).

Actualities of Shannon DePatto, a health educator with the Pediatric Injury Prevention Program at Penn State Health Children's Hospital, talking about Nuna's donation of 390 infant car seats to the program.

Child Abuse Prevention

Through our child abuse prevention work, we help ensure a safe environment for children and educate professionals and the public.

Penn State Health Children’s Hospital is leading the way in the prevention of child abuse through our education, research, and treatment programs.

Child protection officeCenter for the Protection of Children

The Children’s Hospital is home to the Center for the Protection of Children, a facility committed to providing outstanding, compassionate care to the most vulnerable members of our society. The center’s medical director is Dr. Lori D. Frasier, an internationally recognized expert on child abuse.

Bringing together a team of pediatricians, researchers, educators, lawyers, psychologists, social workers, and bioethicists, the center is leading the way on child abuse research, education, and advocacy.

Its Look Out for Child Abuse website, launched in 2010, includes Pennsylvania's only web-based tool for reporting suspected abuse.

The TLC (Transforming the Lives of Children) Clinic is a both a medical clinic for children in out-of-home placement and a mental health clinic for children who’ve suffered the effects of trauma and abuse.

Pennsylvania Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Program

Shaken Baby Syndrome is a type of child abuse that can lead to serious brain damage or death. It usually results from a parent or caregiver shaking a baby who won’t stop crying. Through the Pennsylvania Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Program, nurse coordinators provide guidance and support to all children's and birthing hospitals and free standing birth centers in Pennsylvania.

The nurse coordinators offer Pennsylvania State Nurses Association-approved formal in-service training for nursing staff. Funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, this training provides hospital staff with the guidelines and community standards of nursing practice necessary for compliance with Pennsylvania Law 2002 – 176, the Shaken Baby Syndrome Education Act.

Safe Sleep

ABC wooden blocks The ABC's of safe sleep

A. Alone - infants should be placed in their own sleep space
B. Back - infants should be placed on their back to sleep
C. Crib - infants should be placed in a crib, with no loose bedding or soft objects in the crib

Keep your baby safe while sleeping

Safe Summer for Kids

A group of pre-teen girls outdoorsSummer is a great time for kids to enjoy outdoor activities. Whether they are young children or teens, learn ways to keep your kids safe while they enjoy the summer fun.