Penn State CHILD Research

Penn State Center for Host defense, Inflammation, and Lung Disease (CHILD Research) strives to bring the latest basic science discoveries in pulmonary and non-pulmonary disease to children’s clinical care.

Who we are

A part of the Department of Pediatrics, Penn State CHILD Research is a collaborative alliance of basic science and clinical investigators - both at Penn State and worldwide - who focus on the comprehensive study of the host defense response that occurs in pulmonary and non-pulmonary disease processes.

Joanna Floros, PhD, Evan Pugh Professor of Pediatrics and Obstetrics and Gynecology, is the director of the center.

What we do

Our investigators conduct scientific research in the fields of host defense and inflammation, with the goal of bridging the broad expanse that presently exists between basic science discoveries and the implementation of these advances into clinical practice.

Another goal is the development and assessment of innovative approaches and technologies to study disease mechanisms and deliver care to patients of all ages. Penn State CHILD Research serves as a training ground for the basic science and clinical science investigators of tomorrow.

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