Life on Pause

Life On Pause is a podcast for and by young adults living with cancer. Each month, young adult cancer patients from Penn State Health share honestly about their cancer diagnosis, treatment and life afterwards. As cancer causes the group to reflect on issues both large and small, surprisingly relatable stories and themes emerge. From relationships to body functions, nothing is off the table. Listeners can also see the latest episodes, with transcripts, on Captivate.


May 10, 2022 - Chemotherapy: What to Expect

On this episode of Life on Pause, our host Kasara talks with guest speakers to discuss their experiences receiving chemotherapy treatments for their cancer diagnoses.

April 26, 2022 - Hardship On Treatment

Life with cancer looks different for everyone, and for young people especially, it can be challenging to manage a diagnosis while still moving forward with life's other experiences.

April 12, 2022 - First Descents: The Therapeutic Effects of Adventure

Even after recovery, cancer can still leave challenging effects on those who have experienced it. However, taking part in a new adventure can be beneficial and healing for cancer survivors. First Descents is a program for young adults impacted by cancer that provides them with outdoor adventures and helps them heal through psychosocial support and rewarding experiences.

March 22, 2022 - Hershey’s First Bone Marrow Transplant: A Caregiver’s Journey

The cancer journey can have a profound impact on the patient and those close by providing support. Finding oneself in the role of caregiver for a cancer patient can be an emotionally exhausting experience for a young adult, as they try to maintain support and composure in times of worry and hurt.

March 8, 2022 - Brain Tumors

So many aspects of our lives rely on our brains’ health and proper functioning. For individuals who have been diagnosed with brain tumors at a young age, their cancer experiences have had lasting effects on them physically, as well as their views on life. On this episode of Life on Pause, our host and guest speakers speak on their experiences with this challenging diagnosis. Guests include young adults from the Penn State Hershey community, and this episode was recorded in collaboration with the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.