Penn State Health Go is an easy-to-use mobile app that guides you where you need to go without being stressed, lost or late to your appointment. 

The app was designed to be simple to use – open the app when you are in Penn State Health Hampden Medical Center, Holy Spirit or Lancaster Medical Center and choose the primary destination from the menu or use the search bar to type the room or desired location (for example, restroom). Then, select the location, and off you go. The app will take you to the door you need to enter. As you are guided to your destination you have the option to learn about artwork throughout the hospital and translate signs to display within the app in either Arabic, Nepali or Spanish*.

The app guides you to your destination using your phone’s camera and Bluetooth® wireless technology. It uses directional and visual markers similar to the global positioning system you might have in your vehicle. You must give the app permission to access your phone's location, camera and Bluetooth® wireless technology as it is necessary for the app to locate your position to guide you throughout the hospital and to enhance the browse and translate features while using the app. Penn State Health Go has specific access rules, which means it can only direct you to indoor locations that are open to the public. 

*The artwork browsing feature is currently limited to Hampden Medical Center with plans to extend to additional locations.

How to download

  • Using your smartphone, go to Google Play or App Store.
  • Search for Penn State Health Go and download the app.