Payment methods accepted

  • VISA, Mastercard and Discover
  • PayPal and Venmo
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • E-checks are also accepted

The Google Chrome browser is suggested to access the online bill pay applications.

Encounter billing statement example

Patient billing statement with bill number

The guarantor's last name, guarantor's date of birth (the person responsible for payment) and the bill number are required to login and process payments.

NOTE: Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute payments are accepted for patient services provided after Dec. 10, 2023.

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Understand your insurance coverage

Before your visit, it is best to call your insurance company to ensure you understand your coverage benefits.

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Apply for financial assistance

We provide financial assistance for medically necessary services based on income, family size, and assets.

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Save up to 13% with AblePay Health

Did you know you could save up to 13% on your out-of-pocket medical expenses with AblePay Health? AblePay is NO COST to you as a patient, works with any primary health insurance and is accepted at all Penn State Health locations. Visit to learn more and enroll so you can take advantage of this valuable program. If you have additional questions, please contact AblePay directly at 484-292-4000.

Your rights and protections against surprise medical bills 

In accordance with federal law, the No Surprises Act, Penn State Health is committed to protecting patients from balance billing or receiving surprise bills.