Robert E. Mohr, MD

Robert E. Mohr, MD
Emergency Medicine

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About Me

Following graduation from medical school, I served a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Where I engaged in regular combat patrols and provided care to a small team of infantry and special operators in a remote valley. 

Following my 10 month tour of duty, I came back to work in a unit called Army South, where I partnered with other countries to provide medical care to impoverished and indigent populations in remote South and Central America. We worked amongst and served the community in an effort to try and stem the violence and human trafficking associated with “Trans-National Organized Crime”. Following two and a half great years doing this. I spent three great years in San Antonio learning how to be an emergency physician under the tutelage of some amazing docs that helped me transition from soldier to doctor.

I took my first post residency job at a high acuity trauma center with a small democratic group that was neither small nor democratic, but quickly learned a lot about the practice of medicine and more importantly the business of medicine. 

After parting ways with the group, I went into locums and fell in love. I got to work in some really great places and explored many parts of America that I otherwise wouldn’t have. I learned to appreciate the harvest of Western Colorado, the flavor of El Paso, as well as the quirky artistry of New Mexico. I had pictured locums as the thing that washouts did, but discovered that it was far different from that. It was freedom. When I was on the road, I controlled my diet, exercised and had time to focus on introspection, goal setting and self actualization. When I was home with friends and family, I was home. I became enthralled with the dichotomous life I had built. Locums made me learn to explore uncertainty rather than fear it. It helped me see opportunities in a non-linear progression through life.

Currently, I split my time between locums and teaching at Penn State College of Medicine Working with residents is invigorating and has refreshed my love of learning. They ask me hard questions. They make me better. I'm excited to come in as the community guy and share my experience with the residents from a fresh perspective. In addition to working with them clinically, I aspire to help them appreciate the value in the present. One of my goals in taking this job was to help residents appreciate the residency environment for what it is instead of imaging what life will be like when they are out, life isn’t lived for tomorrow. It’s finding meaning wherever you are and whatever you are doing today. Abraham Maslow spoke to the plateau experience (in addition to his more famous work on the hierarchy of needs) which is the idea that a well lived life consists of seeing joy in the everyday. Too many of us lack this perspective and this is where burnout happens.

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Professional Education


Medical School, University of Texas Medical School (San Antonio) - 2010


Residency, Emergency Medicine University of Texas Health Sciences Center (San Antonio) - 2017


Internship, Transitional San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Education Consortium (Texas) - 2011