Division Chief of Child Abuse Pediatrics

Clinical Child Protection Team

Foundational Centers

  • Child Study Center
    • Karen Bierman, PhD
  • The Prevention Research Center for the Promotion of Human Development
    • Ed Smith, PhD
  • Center on Children and the Law
    • Lucy Johnston-Walsh JD, MSW

Affiliate Centers

Other Center Members

(Penn State Health affiliation unless otherwise noted)

  • Kathy Bieschke,PhD, Professor, Education
  • Gary D. Ceneviva, MD, Director, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
  • Robert Cilley, MD, Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics; Chief, Division of Pediatric Surgery; Director, Pediatric Trauma Program
  • Margaret Clanagan, BS, Program Associate, Medical Education, Penn State College of Medicine
  • Sue Cromwell, PhD, Director of Workplace Learning and Performance in the Office of Human Resources
  • Carie D'Agata, MD, Residency Program Assistant Director; Assistant Professor, Division of Women's Health
  • Michael Dettorre, DO, Associate Professor, Pediatric Critical Care
  • James DiPerna, PhD, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Mark Feinberg, PhD, Center on Prevention Research, Family Foundations Program
  • Paula George, MD, Director, Children's Resource Center, Pinnacle Health
  • Mark T. Greenberg PhD, Bennett Chair of Prevention Research, Penn State
  • Cindy Greene, LSW, Social Worker, Division of Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine
  • Marianne Hillemeier, PhD, Associate Director, Population Research Institute; Associate Professor, Health Policy and Administration, Demography, Penn State
  • A. Craig Hillemeier, MD, Dean, Penn State College of Medicine; Chief Executive Officer, Penn State Health; Senior Vice President for Health Affairs, Penn State University
  • Marie Killian RN, BSN, Pennsylvania Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Program
  • Benjamin H. Levi, MD, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Humanities and Pediatrics
  • Jonathan Marks, JD, Associate Professor of Bioethics, Humanities, and Law; Associate Director of the Rock Ethics Institute; and Director of the Bioethics Program, Penn State
  • Sosamma Methratta, MD, associate professor of radiology, pediatric radiology specialist
  • Jesse Middaugh, MS, Director, Information Sciences & Technology Program, Penn State Harrisburg
  • Brian Rabian, Clinic Director of Child and Adolescent Service, Penn State Psychology Clinic, Penn State
  • Dorothy Rocourt, MD, Department of Pediatric Surgery
  • Carroll Rottmund, RN, BSN, Pennsylvania Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Program
  • Sue Rzucidlo, RN Pediatric Trauma and Injury Prevention Program Manager
  • Chad Shenk, PhD, Asst. Professor, Health Development and Family Studies
  • Beverly Shirk, RN Pediatric Trauma Care Coordinator
  • Gary Shuey, MSW, Social Work Supervisor, Center on Children and the Law, Penn State Law